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Jeremy Woodruff - Recordings

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Vinyl and CD on Noise Museum Records - Excerpts (Please Contact for purchase)

On Lila Müzik Label: From Istanbul (2017)
composition, Occupation for String Quartet, appears on a compilation of Istanbul composers

JW UrbanplanTen

UrbanplanTen (2015)
from installation at Fluid Sounds, Copenhagen

Fatty Acid Land in 5D

Fatty Acid Land(2012)
with Guido Henneboehl,
self-built electronics

Art: Jan Feindt

polish folk cello

Gongburgh: Steeltown Forests (2012)
with Javanese Gamelan

polish folk cello

Acud and Afterwards (2010)
with Andrew Hamilton and Augustin Maurs

polish folk cello

Tunebook (2008)
with Ranjit Prasad and Kamila Marcinkowska

polish folk cello

Diggum Smacks - the White Ark (2008)
with Brendan Dougherty, Brian Mitchell and Ranjit Prasad

polish folk cello

Elliot Carter Band (2007)
with Brendan Dougherty, Guido Henneboehl and Martha Augustini

polish folk cello

Jeremy Woodruff Past Masters, Vol 1 - 5 (2004) with Various Artists

Recordings on Scrapple Records:

polish folk cello

Pogie Tunebook (2008) AB Duo